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Homeowner association managementHomeowner associations are a unique form of property management. Associations are an important functional asset to the owners of real property that can either enhance or detract from property value. Although associations are usually portrayed as simple self governance, it takes knowledgeable property management leadership and involved homeowners to make things work. Associations act like miniature communities with their own laws, taxes, and elected officials. Property management for associations is a highly challenging position that goes easily un-noticed, especially if the management is doing a superior job.

Our association clients include:

Condominium & Home Rentals

Our Philosophy

Vail Resort Rentals, Inc.Managing resort rental properties for tourists is a primary focus of our business. We operate our client’s homes and condominiums similar to a resort hotel. The primary difference is that our residences are individually owned and are often much nicer than many hotel’s presidential suites. We have a dedicated staff to specifically market and maintain our rental properties. Due to the unique intricacies of managing nightly rental properties we operate this part of our business under a separate license and corporate identity. Vail Resort Rentals was purchased in 1997 and has a loyal staff of employees. The average salaried employee tenure at Vail Resort Rentals is over eight years of consistent service to our owners and guests.

Commercial Properties

Our Background

Commercial Real Estate Property ManagementCommercial real estate is an area of expertise that few mountain brokers ever get exposed to. Fortunately Dale Bugby’s background in property management includes ten years of commercial real estate in Denver, Colorado. His career includes retail, industrial, and office buildings. He has worked for some of the biggest and some of the best. Ownership groups included the Travelers, P&O and PERA. His portfolios of management have been under the leadership of several top brokerage firms including LC Fulenwider, Inc. and the Trammell Crow Company. Toward the end of his commercial management career in Denver, Dale Bugby was overseeing up to 40 buildings and 3.5 million square feet of investment property including the national corporate tenants residing there. He achieved the highly coveted “CPM” Certified Property Manager designation in 1994 which signified him as one of the top property managers in the country.

Home care

Our Philosophy

Providing HomecareProviding homecare is the fun part of our business. We get to interact with second homeowners from around the world. Caring for your vacation home is important. Our staff has supervisors, and the supervisors have a supervisor. Your vacation home should be a joy to own and not a burden. Let us take care of the details. Itemized statements for all your bills, housekeeping staff when you need it, maintenance of the inside and outdoors, is just one phone call away. Our rates will be customized to your needs.

Vail Resort Rentals Property management Team