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Online searches can be a fun way to get some general information on homes in Vail or just about anywhere else, with just a few clicks of your mouse. When you get serious though, you will need more information than this website allows. Please call us so we can do a custom search with a lot more detail and better defined results. Additional information in a custom search can only be done by a Realtor through our database. Searchable information is much much more than just the price or number of bedrooms. There are currently over 240 searchable data fields in each and every property listing. We can customize your search to a particular street, a particular building, a particular year of construction, or whether the price includes the furnishings. We can email you the results or even send your cell phone a text message when a new property that meets your desires comes on the market…all in a matter of a few seconds!

Who should be my agent?

Residential Real Estate InformationExperience and market knowledge is a big part of the value your agent brings to the process. Equally important is personality, negotiating skills, and client advice. Buying real estate can be a fun and enjoyable process or a whole lot of work and frustration. Find an agent you are comfortable with and trust, and then try to have some fun.

Confidential Buying Services

When your purchase needs the utmost in confidentiality we can structure the purchase to protect your identity. Commercial transactions, celebrity purchases, or assemblage of multiple properties are all good reasons to hire a broker that doesn’t share an office or information with anyone. Discretion on large transactions can be invaluable.

Selling a Property

Who should be my agent?

A great listing agent will have the answers specific to your property that prospective buyers and their agents will need. Being available to show your property and making sure it is properly staged will also make a big difference. Local market knowledge will uniquely qualify only one agent as the best choice.

Does for sale by owner work?

For Sale by OwnerIt can, but hiring a Realtor usually speeds up the process and may also lessen your liability. You have probably also heard the phrases, “penny wise and pound foolish,” or “don’t try this at home.” Realtors are professionals who work on a results basis. Selling fees are negotiable and only get earned when the job is done. Most adults only purchase a couple of homes during their lifetime. Realtors are involved in the process of selling and marketing of homes on a daily basis. Realtors understand the process, the contract forms, and have proprietary access to a network of serious buyers through other brokers and the real estate multi-list. When you list your home for sale with a Realtor, you are in essence hiring all the hundreds of Realtors in the local area to sell your home and expose it to thousands of buyers locally and nationwide. If you want the best price for your home, finding a buyer isn’t enough. Exposing your home to numerous buyers will assure that you can negotiate the BEST PRICE. Even if you happen to be a real estate attorney, you probably don’t know the local lenders, the marketplace, local appraisers or want to get involved in the details of the process.

Understanding Colorado Brokerage Relationships

What are the benefits of working with a Realtor®?

Any Realtor® who is a member of the National Association Realtors®, the Colorado Association of Realtors®, and a local board of Realtors® must abide by a strict code of ethics. Please visit for more details.

How can we represent you?

Buyer’s Agency—The Realtor® represents the buyer’s best interests during the home buying process by explaining every step, maintaining fiduciary responsibility, reasonable care, loyalty, and confidentiality while negotiating for the benefit of the buyer.Buyers Agent for Vail Golf Course Homes

Seller’s Agency—The Realtor® represents the interests of the seller during the home buying process by holding fiduciary responsibility, reasonable care, loyalty, and confidentiality while negotiating for the benefit of the seller.

Transaction Broker—The Realtor® must use reasonable skill and care while assisting both the buyer and seller throughout the real estate transaction by performing terms of written and oral agreements, fully-informing all parties, presenting all offers, assisting parties with contracts and closing documents without being an advocate of either party. Use of property disclosures and known adverse material facts must be used during the transaction.

What are the benefits of signing an Agency contract with my chosen Realtor®? By approving an Agency contract, broker representation is determined. The broker shall protect your best interests, and provide representation not only when negotiating the purchase of a home or sale of a property, but all through the process.

How are Realtors® compensated?

Typically, the buyer’s agent is compensated by the listing broker, who offers an advertised cooperative commission percentage. The seller pays the listing broker upon the closing of the property. Buyer’s Agency does allow for the Buyer to pay the Buyer’s Agent directly if they so desire.